Course Cost
Checker (£)

SubjectDate SubmittedTypeIs the cost cleartly advertised prior to applicationCost incurredIs the cost included in the fees?Additional Comment
Geography19/07/16Field TripsYes£ VariableYesAll students will go on a compulsory fieldtrip in both their first and second years.For the first year trip, all major costs are covered, though there may be some small food costs that the students need to cover. In the second year, a no-cost option will always be available to all students, although there may be some costs associated with transport to the airport and some small food costs, e.g. lunch, whilst there. These are made clear to the students when they make their selection. In addition to the no-cost options, there may also be some 'top-up' trips available, where students will pay extra according to the destination. Any such costs are
Geography20/07/16Clothing or Uniform including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Yes£ 50-75NoStudents will be required to dress appropriately for fieldtrips that can be cold and wet (but arguably nothing more than is required for living in the West Country in winter!). They are advised of this in the pre-arrival welcome information. On some occasions, additional clothing is available to students who turn up inappropriately dressed, but we would expect students to be prepared for the conditions they face.
Geography20/07/16Field and Practical EquipmentNo£ 2-3NoAll equipment is provided by the Department but students are required to provide their own field notebooks. These can be purchased for a couple of pounds.
Geography20/07/16Printing CostsNo£ Approximately £25 throughout degreNoWe use eBART for all coursework. However, there are still a small number of assignment coversheets, such as for posters and field notebooks, that the student will need to print. On a small number of modules students are also required to purchase poster paper, e.g. A0 paper for group work. Students are required to print their dissertation. All other resources are provided on ELE or other sources, such as the Library, so there is no requirement to print these out. Any handouts needed in lectures/seminars are generally printed by staff in advance and distributed in the sessions.

The Course Cost Checker is intended to alert students to potential additional costs they may encounter during their studies. All costs are approximate and subject to change by the University of Exeter.

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