Course Cost
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SubjectDate SubmittedTypeIs the cost cleartly advertised prior to applicationCost incurredIs the cost included in the fees?Additional Comment
Sport and Health Science20/07/16Printing CostsNo£ Approx £75 a yearPartially"Partial coverage - this is not a yes / no answer. The study packs / handouts / worksheets used in lectures are generally printed by SHS in advance and distributed in the sessions. There is no cost to the student for this. Students may however choose to print off their own copy of lecture notes (PDF on ELE) for annotation, but increasingly students are doing this all electronically. The majority of assessments are submitted electronically but dissertations/adhoc work may require paper submissions and these are paid for by the students."
Sport and Health Science20/07/16Travel to PlacementsNo£ 0-75 over degreeNoIf students choose to take a work experience module - not all do - and their work placement is not local then travel costs may be incurred. However the majority of placements are within the local area.
Sport and Health Science20/07/16Course Related Sports FacilitiesNo£ 0-50YesThe default position is that the SHS education budget covers consumables, hirage and equipment, so that there is no cost to the student over their course. For dissertation students a nominal budget of £50 per student is set aside to cover extra-ordinary costs - such as hire of the swimming pool for data collection. If the cost of hireage is more than £50, then the student may have to contribute something towards the total cost. Where possible however we would like the student to incur no cost.
Sport and Health Science20/07/16Clothing or Uniform including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Yes£ 100 over whole courseNoGoggles and Lab Coats provided if required. All we ask is that they have safe, smart and appropriate exercise clothing to wear during laboratory practicals. Most students entering the programme already own such clothing. Exeter University branded clothing is available, but this is optional for the students to purchase this type of clothing.

The Course Cost Checker is intended to alert students to potential additional costs they may encounter during their studies. All costs are approximate and subject to change by the University of Exeter.

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