Course Cost
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SubjectDate SubmittedTypeIs the cost cleartly advertised prior to applicationCost incurredIs the cost included in the fees?Additional Comment
Geography (Penryn)20/07/16Printing CostsNo£ 20 approximately throughout degreeYesVia eBart, the University covers costs associated with printing assessments. The one exception to this is posters, which the students have to pay for themselves. Although the cost of these assignments are not advertised, students will be aware of module assessments when picking modules; thus, they will know which modules have posters and, therefore, may have associated printing costs. Lecturers provide almost all reading materials in electronic format so that students can read the literature via their computers. It is up to students themselves to decide whether they need to print these items out; if they do, they must bear the cost of printing.
Geography (Penryn)20/07/16Field TripsYes£ Variable depending upon location (mYesStudents can elect to participate in a completely free field trip or to choose one for which they cover the costs of traveling to and from the destination. Accommodations, food, and activities are paid for by the University. Students will, however, be expected to pay for their own travel documentation, for any appropriate field gear that they do not already own (e.g., hiking boots)This information is provided to the students during the module selection period so that they can make informed decisions when choosing field courses.For all field trips, the University bears the cost of travel, accommodation, food, and activities. If students need to
Geography (Penryn)20/07/16Travel to PlacementsNo£ VariableNoAlthough this cost is not advertised prior to application, it is advertised prior to departure for placements, and prior to final-year dissertation research. Students know that they will have to bear the cost of this travel, and that they can select cheaper (or free) alternatives if they cannot afford the trip.
Geography (Penryn)20/07/16Clothing or Uniform including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)No£ 0YesGoggles and lab coats provided; safety vests and hard hats also available to borrow during field courses; in some cases, wellies may also be available for loan.
Geography (Penryn)20/07/16Field and Practical EquipmentNo£ VariableYesField and practical equipment essential to completion of a module are provided by the College. Students are also able to borrow equipment that can improve their field course experience (e.g., binoculars). Prior to selection of field course modules, students are provided with information about what equipment will be needed, so they have a chance to opt out of field courses that benefit from possession of equipment that the students do not already have and cannot purchase.
Geography (Penryn)20/07/16Travel InsuranceNo£ 0YesThe University pays for travel insurance for all international field trips. Students must provide their own insurance for study abroad and for international work placements. Neither students nor staff receive travel insurance for trips within the UK.
Geography (Penryn)20/07/16Bench FeesNo£ VariableYes

The Course Cost Checker is intended to alert students to potential additional costs they may encounter during their studies. All costs are approximate and subject to change by the University of Exeter.

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