Course Cost
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SubjectDate SubmittedTypeIs the cost cleartly advertised prior to applicationCost incurredIs the cost included in the fees?Additional Comment
PGCE Primary (including School Direct @ Exeter trainees)29/07/16Professional Association FeesNo£ 0NoSome subjects may recommend membership of the relevant professional association but this is not compulsory. The trainees are encouraged to join a teaching union. This is free for students.
PGCE Primary (including School Direct @ Exeter trainees)29/07/16Printing CostsNo£ 20 approx.No"Materials: There are no expectations that trainees will print out copies of presentations, articles, handbooks etc. as all are provided electronically. Some choose to do so but this is not compulsory. Assignments: Both summative assignments are submitted electronically so there are no extra costs involved here. Other: Other costs are printing evidence for the Individual Development Portfolio (Portfolio of evidence kept by the trainees during placements to demonstrate they have met the Teachers' Standards)"
PGCE Primary (including School Direct @ Exeter trainees)29/07/16Field TripsNo but any trips and approximate assoc£ 0-300 (but not compulsory)No"All subjects have occasional day trips to schools/other settings to enable work with pupils during the autumn term and on seminar days. The costs of these are kept to a minimum and generally just involve transport costs We run a series of visits during specialist week for trainees to focus on their specialist subject. Examples are: English trainees go to London - Globe Theatre, Humanities trainees go on a residential visit in Devon and Science trainees have a residential visit to the Escot Education Centre. These are discussed at interview and alternative provision to meet the learning outcomes are provided at zero cost for anybody who is u
PGCE Primary (including School Direct @ Exeter trainees)29/07/16Travel to PlacementsNo but our Partnership size is made cl£ VariableNo"Costs will vary from trainee to trainee depending on the location of their placement and the location of their home. All trainees are aware prior to application of the size of our partnership and that placements may be in Dorset, Somerset, Devon or Cornwall. Trainees are reminded of this at interview and again in pre-registration information. In addition, trainees are required to state (post offer) any reasons why they may need to be placed within a particular geographical area (e.g. mortgage; family; childcare etc). These needs are taken into account as far as possible when organising placements. See
PGCE Primary (including School Direct @ Exeter trainees)29/07/16Clothing or Uniform including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)No£ 0NoProfessional Standards requires that trainees are appropriately dressed whilst in school. They can wear their own clothes but they must fit in with the school's dress policy. Trainees are trained to teach PE in primary schools and as such, are expected to wear their own clothing suitable for that activity. For some subjects (e.g. Humanities, Science) trainees are required to wear appropriate clothing on field trips to make sure they are comfortable and safe e.g. suitable footwear and waterproof clothing. They can choose their own clothing which is suitable depending on the nature of the field visit.
PGCE Primary (including School Direct @ Exeter trainees)29/07/16Re-sit Placement FeeNo but it is outlined in the programme£ 1200NoWhere a trainee fails the professional learning element of the PGCE programme (e.g. doesn't meet the Teachers' Standards), s/he is generally offered a 10 week re-sit placement opportunity. The cost of this is £1,200

The Course Cost Checker is intended to alert students to potential additional costs they may encounter during their studies. All costs are approximate and subject to change by the University of Exeter.

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